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Tue, Feb. 8th, 2011, 01:43 pm

Sorry to keep bothering everyone with this ongoing issue, but this is a person I care very much about and am trying to do everything I can to help him survive this situation.

My friend Yuri Foxy, an 18 year old bay area furry, is trying to get on his feet having survived the horrible luck of a violent and unsafe family home.

Another good friend RabidRick, a bobcat who lives in the Castro, SF, is putting up Yuri for the month of February while he looks for a job.

Recently, trying to gather his things from his home, he was robbed at gunpoint and had his phone, clothes, and other personal belongings stolen. Luckily he survived without any injuries.


The reason I'm posting again is that I've done as much as I can, and I'm really running out of options for this poor kid. I've already given him a couple hundred dollars in the past few months, (and as many know, I don't really have that to give) but he still doesn't have enough money for bus fair or food, and has been walking everywhere and asking for change to survive.

If anyone can spare 5$ for BART/MUNI fairs, or some extra meals you could pass on, I know he would appreciate it, and I really would too.

I have a paypal, I_Am_Wolfy@hotmail.com and any money you send will get passed to him. Food could be picked up at a BART station.

Thanks for your support!


Tue, Jan. 25th, 2011, 11:25 am

I'm not normally one to post a "please help this fur" post, because I believe that with the right attitude and friends, a person can work out of a bad situation. However, I've been working one on one with a friend of mine, and he's continually had the worst type of luck.

Yuri is a really shy, quiet, polite, and very funny little fox. He's 19, graduated high school, and has been trying to go to college. He got enrolled, grant money approved, but because of issues with his family, he might be forced to wait another semester now. I've brought Yuri with me to the Chicken and Berkeley meets, and you may remember him as the short quiet fox with the BIG poofy fox tail and big jacket he's always hiding under.

Because they are very personal issues, I don't want to go into the details of his family life here, but know that he is living in a very dangerous (physically & mentally) situation where he's in constant worry for his life.

He's spoken to all of his friends, and other than me, and one other friend (neither who are in a position to help), all the households are meth-filled and unsafe environments.

Yuri currently lives in Rodeo, CA and just wants any place near BART or accessible to BART where he could sleep while he looks for a stable job (has a couple small things lined up) and saves up money so he can adventure out on his own. Richmond-SF would be ideal. Any sort of suggestion, donation, or hospitality would be *greatly* appreciated.

If you would like more information, please contact me directly at PlurWolfy @ gmail.com or Yuri at fox_2629 @ yahoo.com. We would prefer it if you contact me for questions or Yuri for support. He's not really in the mood to answer questions. -.-

Thanks for listening!


Tue, Dec. 7th, 2010, 03:05 pm
Add me on Twitter!

Add me on Twitter!


Mon, Nov. 15th, 2010, 09:29 am
Short Lil Update

Frolic, the San Francisco monthly furry bar meetup, was lame (for me) Saturday! xD The bartender carded me at the bar, (which I guess never happens) even though they card you at the door, and the party host and DJ both said they new me personally, but all I had was my paper ID, so they told me I had to leave completely. >.< I hung out in front of the bar the whole night until about 1:15am. It was my fault for losing my ID, but it's never been a problem at any bar or alcohol store before. I did walk around and collect stickers, so it wasn't a total loss?

Sunday all day was an art jam and we had lots of fun gettin' artz made! ^^ I'm still working on getting stuff scanned with my foxy's help. I have hundreds of pages of stuff left. xD

I start my job today at 10am, so I should get ready. xD

Tue, Nov. 9th, 2010, 02:36 am
What has I been up to!?

What has I been up to!?

OMG, so much xD

I had a furry staying here for a month because they were otherwise homeless. He ate my food, used my internet and projector (almost 24-7) and was otherwise treating this like his own personal hangout space instead of making an effort to clean-up or help out. They moved here under false pretenses and made all the roommates un-comfy, but we tried really hard to be good humans and not throw him out on the street. Unfortunately, I had to give him a formal "get the hell out" because he'd been here 30 days without so much as a thank you. (verbal or monetarily)

Good friends have been telling me to not be such a push-over, but I have been homeless and I know hard it can be to get on your feet. I wish the guy well, but I had to tell him I didn't really want him coming over anymore. It's too bad, I really had high hopes of becoming closer friends with the guy.
Went up north to Eureka for a job for a friend of a friend. Was going to go up in the mountains and do some yard work, but on my third day there, I broke one my teeth in half (the filling had fallen out a month before) and had to be taken back to my friend Dagget's house on my birthday because I was vomiting from the pain in my mouth and I couldn't keep down food.

I saw a dentist a few days later, and he filed down the sharp edges so it'd stop cutting open my mouth every time I tried to speak or swallow or spit.

As soon as I recovered, I was in a rush to get home before Halloween because I was hosting a party, that I was going to miss last second because I really needed this job (and the money), and I figured if I couldn't work, I might as well have *some* fun.

I had one friend offer to drive me home, but cancel last second because they got ill forcing me to miss my greyhound ride. I offered another friend $150 to drive me home, but 2 hours into the trip he lost control of the car and smashed the right back tire into a tree. We changed the tire and hobbled to a gas station, saw that the axle was bent and still tried to drive it. It got another 20 minutes before the tire blew again and we were stranded.

The next day I had stayed up all night so I could still catch the greyhound, and my friend said I could walk there, but he didn't tell me it was more than 2 miles away. I ran most of the way, but in an hour and a half there was no way I could make it with my bad legs. I missed it by 10 minutes and was stuck there another 24 hours. -.-

I finally made it home Halloween night, got beer for everyone, cleaned the house, and got the party really going. We went trick-or-treating and about 3/4ths of the way in, the Giants won the World Series and San Francisco lit up with people cheering and screaming and setting off fireworks. One guy almost hit us with a Roman Candle and then drunkenly gave us each a beer asking over and over "You're all over 18, right?!" The party ended awesome and we were all up well into Monday.
I went out and applied at a few places and got a job right away working at the mall selling calendars. It's only going to be 25hours a week, which should be enough to be some extra money while not so much that I makes me sick (I hope). It's a seasonal job, but it does look like there's a chance to keep it if I do well. I'm also looking into grants for college, so I might not need it to.
Been doing lots of art and scanning, getting things updated so I might actually get my website all new and shiny one of these days. We'll see. Hehe

Wed, Nov. 12th, 2008, 05:18 pm


Three drawings so far.. I'm on a roll! I'm spending at least an hour everyday drawing.. We'll see where it gets me! Not all drawings are work safe. :P


Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 08:40 pm
Friends ONLY

In case you haven't noticed, PlurWolfy's LJ is friend's only from now on.

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If you're not friended and you would like to be, please send me an e-mail at PlurWolfy@hotmail.com